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MyAssignmentHelp is another online writing service that guarantees such core values in its content as top-quality work, competitive prices, and timely order delivery. After considering the mission statement of this company, students believe that it offers top assignment writing solutions. Is it true? Is MyAssignmentHelp a legit service provider? This detailed and unbiased review is written to find out everything.


Available Payment Systems

  • Swift Support Response
  • Complimentary Writer’s Draft
  • Lack of Short Deadlines
  • Steep Pricing

Review Criteria

To ascertain the reliability of this writing service, we utilized the ensuing criteria as the cornerstone of our review:

  • Website Navigability and Content;
  • Client Testimonials;
  • Rendered Services and Their Varieties;
  • Writing Quality;
  • Gratis Inclusions and Price Breaks;
  • Pricing Structure and Online Transactions;
  • Client Support Managers;
  • Credentials and Backgrounds of Enlisted Wordsmiths.

Navigational User-Friendliness

MyAssignmentHelp boasts a robust and moderately simplistic website design. While its homepage boasts facile navigational attributes, we find ourselves mildly confounded or occasionally overwhelmed by the superabundance of procurable content. Nevertheless, accessing pertinent data remains an intuitive pursuit.

Spectrum of Rendered Services

The establishment proffers an array of academic assignment assistance to students, encompassing:

  • Varied essay genres;
  • Term and investigative papers;
  • Theses and case analyses;
  • Homework and coursework;
  • Thesis composition and MBA endeavors;
  • Book critiques and literary evaluations;
  • Programming and sundry other aids.

MyAssignmentHelp also lays claim to a comprehensive academic domain. Pertinent to available personalized scripting amenities, we entertain reservations concerning the veracity of extending adept support to students hailing from diverse nations, including Malaysia, China, and others. As an Australian-founded scriptory enterprise, the verisimilitude of furnishing superlative content to scholars spanning disparate nations begets skepticism. Given the manifold disparities in pedagogical paradigms worldwide, the agency’s efficacy hinges upon a multifaceted stable of adept wordsmiths.

Evaluated Scriptory Caliber

The enterprise avouches an exclusively native English-speaking and degree-holding cadre of wordsmiths, whose qualifications and ratings are conveniently accessible on the site. To gauge scripting caliber, we scrutinized extant gratis specimens, on-site patron accolades, and online endorsements.

Albeit on-site client acclaim reflects sanguine sentiment, scholars spanning sundry virtual venues voice grievances concerning certain lapses within MyAssignmentHelp. Notably, these pertain to syntactic and factual discrepancies, as well as encumbrances experienced with client support. In a generalized context, this purveyor dispenses commendable content, replete with infrequent syntactic or grammatical aberrations.

The official portal harbors a profusion of complimentary prototypes, invaluable for scholars necessitating empirical validation of the agency’s potential antecedent to consummating digital requisitions. These samples evince consistent, unblemished, erudite composition, dutifully punctuated by judicious citations. However, a paucity of specimens pertaining to humanities and English-dominated disciplines might perturb potential beneficiaries.

Gratis Inclusions

MyAssignmentHelp extends a plethora of complimentary inclusions, encompassing:

  • Plagiarism Surveillance;
  • Comprehensive Blueprints and Revisions;
  • Titular Dedications and Referential Records.

Collectively, these augment the fiscal viability and convenience of this virtual amenity, notably appeasing scholars ensnared within fiscal constraints.


Many students face financial constraints when seeking custom writing services. As a result, they seek transparency in pricing to plan ahead. However, MyAssignmentHelp presents an obstacle in this regard. The absence of a pre-registration price estimation option can be frustrating for users, who may not wish to invest time before discovering potentially exorbitant costs. Customer feedback indicates that the company’s pricing is slightly above average industry rates.


MyAssignmentHelp encounters another setback in the realm of discounts. The absence of valid coupons, special offers, or loyalty rewards disappoints potential customers who anticipate cost savings. Despite the company’s claim of offering the best prices, the absence of indications regarding bonuses or initial-order discounts raises concerns.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Visa;
  • Amex;
  • Discover;
  • PayPal;
  • MasterCard.

The service ensures robust security and data integrity in processing online payments through esteemed third-party processors.

Customer Support

MyAssignmentHelp extends its expertise beyond assignment writing services, offering assistance in various domains. To address queries about available services, customers can engage with support representatives via phone, live chat, or a designated form, available around the clock.

While the company extends its custom writing solutions globally, it restricts contact phone numbers to the US, UK, and Australia. Consequently, users often rely on live chat, although its consistent functionality remains questionable. Some patrons have expressed reservations about the language proficiency and expertise of certain customer support agents.

Concluding Remarks

After meticulously assessing the pros and cons of MyAssignmentHelp, a balanced verdict emerges. For those seeking online assignment assistance, especially outside Australia, the US, and the UK, alternatives might be more prudent. The service is legitimate and dependable, consistently meeting order deadlines. However, the relatively high pricing and absence of viable discounts warrant careful consideration.

Rating Data of 6.3

  • Toll-free Support – Absent
  • UK Writers – Available
  • Unlimited Amendments – Offered
  • Direct Communication with Writers – Unavailable
  • Free Samples – Provided
  • Various Formats – Supported
  • Multi-Currency Payment – Supported
  • Preferred Writer Selection – Unavailable
  • Editors and Q&A Proofread – Offered
  • Price Calculator – Absent
  • Plagiarism Checker – Offered
  • Support Chat – Available
  • Support Phone – Available
  • How It Works Notice – Available

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