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EssayShark is an essay writing service students can hire when they require help completing an essay. Students have been leaving many positive EssayShark reviews about this company, but what makes it stand out?

This EssayShark review will answer that question by delving into how the service works, what it provides, and what you can expect from an order.


Available Payment Systems

  • Support reply fast
  • Flexible deadlines
  • A small choice of authors

Exploring EssayShark

EssayShark emerged as a prominent essay writing service provider in the early 2010s. Its inaugural paper was penned in 2011, marking the genesis of its journey. Over the years, EssayShark’s trajectory has led it to author several books and even release an iOS app.

EssayShark operates under the ownership of DNC Holdings, Inc. and maintains its registered office in Cyprus. The platform offers dual email addresses for user communication and caters to Canadian customers with a dedicated page. Additionally, iOS users can access the Essay Shark app directly from the Apple App Store.
The credibility of EssayShark appears substantiated, boasting a cadre of writers ready to tackle diverse projects. In 2021, the team reached the milestone of one million completed papers, a decade after its inception. With an active roster of hundreds of writers daily and over 150,000 returning customers, the service’s reputation stands firmly as a testament to its prolific output.

Notably, EssayShark upholds a stringent moral compass by declining to engage in essay writing related to sensitive subjects like abortion, a commitment to social responsibility.

Service Offerings

Diving into the realm of EssayShark’s services reveals a comprehensive array of offerings catering to various academic needs. The platform covers an extensive range of subjects and grade levels, encompassing disciplines such as English, literature, history, economics, and the sciences.

The list of assignments that EssayShark writers are equipped to handle includes:

  • Term papers
  • APA papers
  • Case studies
  • Thesis writing
  • Admission essays
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Creative writing projects
  • Annotated bibliographies

Furthermore, EssayShark provides an array of supplementary services, including:

  • Revisions
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Citation production
  • Creating accurate references
  • Plagiarism checking

Impressively, EssayShark’s writer selection process ensures adherence to moral and ethical guidelines, refraining from engaging in content creation on sensitive topics.

User Experience

Navigating the Website

EssayShark’s website offers a user-friendly and legitimate platform for ordering essays. The initial step involves an ordering form on the homepage, facilitating the commencement of the order process.

Transparent pricing details provide insights into the cost of writing services. While more specific pricing is provided during order placement, the initial information offered is accurate and reliable.

Placing an Order

For those seeking to engage a trustworthy writer through EssayShark, the following steps outline the process:

  1. Enter project details in the order form on the homepage.

The first form encompasses essential information, including essay type, page count, deadline, and contact details.

  1. Proceed to a dedicated section to provide additional project specifics.

Here, users can furnish discipline, topic, and academic level information. While optional, indicating the academic level aids in assigning a qualified writer.

  1. Writers bid for the project.

Qualified writers bid to undertake the project, with multiple offers usually received within a short period. Act promptly, as the most proficient writers may not wait indefinitely for a response.

  1. Review and select a writer.

EssayShark’s user interface presents profiles of bidding writers, detailing their credentials and previous reviews. This comprehensive overview facilitates informed choices.

  1. Direct communication with the writer.

The writer-client communication channel remains open, enabling guidance and revisions. Payments are structured to motivate quality work, as writers only receive payment upon satisfying the client.

  1. Track progress and receive the completed work.

EssayShark’s interface allows monitoring of the writer’s progress. Upon completion, the user can download the finalized paper, offering opportunities for reviews and feedback.

EssayShark Writers

EssayShark’s writer selection process ensures a qualified and capable team. Only a fraction of applicants, less than 10 percent, are ultimately hired. The vetting process comprises multiple stages:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of registration data and communication with each applicant.
  2. Verification of education documents and identity.
  3. Grammar assessment to evaluate writing skills.
  4. Completion of a test essay.
  5. Successful completion of the test essay grants eligibility to write for EssayShark.

Writer profiles provide valuable insights, including past essay subjects, communication skills, responsiveness, and awards for exceptional performance.

  • Essay topics covered
  • Communication skills
  • Response to feedback
  • Accolades received, including high paper ratings and returning clients.

Diverse search options enable users to find writers by discipline, facilitating informed choices.

Work Quality

A test order conducted on EssayShark yielded a well-structured and thoroughly detailed essay. The 400-word essay adhered to a clear structure with appropriate citations and references, underscoring the writer’s diligence.

EssayShark’s commitment to quality extends through various avenues:

  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Comprehensive plagiarism scans
  • Adherence to deadlines

Writers engage actively with clients, providing updates and accommodating revisions. Rigorous plagiarism checks ensure originality, while adherence to deadlines underscores the writers’ professionalism.

Customer Support

EssayShark offers robust customer support, characterized by swift responsiveness. Multiple communication channels are available:

  • Two dedicated email addresses
  • Presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Live chat on the website
  • A YouTube channel offering informative videos
  • Direct communication with writers

While lacking phone numbers or physical addresses, EssayShark demonstrates efficacy in addressing user queries.

Pricing Structure

EssayShark’s pricing structure is anchored in variables like grade level, page count, and deadline. Transparency is evident, allowing users to anticipate costs. Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay for iOS users.

Pricing varies, ranging from approximately $10 to $20 per page. While the lowest price per page starts at around $13, the final cost depends on writer bids and individual project specifics.

Web Reviews

Reviews of EssayShark are predominantly positive, with a SiteJabber rating of 4.79 out of 5, reflecting user satisfaction with the platform’s usability and writer proficiency. boasts a 4.9 rating, highlighting the user-friendly interface.

While TrustPilot reviews exhibit a 3.0 rating, the limited number of reviews tempers this score. Reddit discussions echo positive experiences, praising the writers’ thoroughness and responsiveness.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of specialized writers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Progress-based payments
  • Comprehensive plagiarism checks
  • Rigorous writer selection process


  • No money-back guarantees
  • Limitations on essay topics
  • No promo code offers
  • No customer service phone line


In conclusion, EssayShark emerges as a reliable and effective essay writing service. Transparent operations, a qualified writer pool, and user-friendly interactions characterize the platform. Users can confidently navigate the process, select proficient writers, and monitor project progress.

To gain deeper insights, exploring the website and reading user reviews can provide valuable perspectives. Overall, EssayShark stands as a credible and dependable solution that aligns with diverse academic needs.

Is EssayShark legit?
EssayShark is a legitimate service, as it has been in operation since 2011. The site routinely hires new writers via a thorough analysis process.
Is EssayShark legal for students to use?
EssayShark is legal, as the service will provide you guidance on how to write your essay. The service is anonymous, meaning no one will know you hired EssayShark.
Will you be the owner of your paper from EssayShark?
All clients are the official owners of the papers they order from EssayShark.
Is EssayShark illegal anywhere?
EssayShark has not been banned or made illegal anywhere, as the service has developed a positive reputation for its essay writing services.
Is EssayShark a scam that sells AI-written papers?
All papers at EssayShark are written by real writers you may contact during the work process. You will never find a fake writer or an AI program when hiring someone at EssayShark.

Discounts and prices

On the website, you will not find any published prices for the services offered by their site because of the bidding system. But you can expect to pay around $160 for an eight-page paper on average. Also, the service does not offer discounts. If you’re about to order a paper on the website for the first time, unfortunately, you’re not going to get any coupon codes.

Accept payments

  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Master Card
  • Visa

In conclusion has both pros and cons. This is a place where you can actually choose a writer for your academic project and you can be sure that the writer will deliver the product usually according to your deadline requirements. The negative thing about the website is the absence of the quality control, quality issues, and very little customer service. The overall rating for the website is fair to poor.

Rating data of 4.9

  • Toll-Free – Yes
  • UK writers – Yes
  • Unlimited amendments – No
  • Direct communication with writers – Yes
  • Free samples – Yes
  • Various formats – Yes
  • Pay in any currency you want – No
  • Choosing preferred writer – Yes
  • Editors and Q&A proofread – No
  • Price calculator – No

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