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The use of bidding in customer orders to match students with writers is a new trend when it comes to academic writing services. This concept is used by EssayPro, and it’s all about busy students submitting their assignments and writers making their bids. As a result of bidding, customers pick the offers that they think are competitive enough for them and fit the necessary level of experience.


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You’ve likely come across numerous reviews of EssayPro extolling its excellence. But is EssayPro a legitimate service? If so, what sets it apart from the rest? In this EssayPro review, we’ll delve into these questions and shed light on its distinctive features.

As we explore this EssayPro review, one thing becomes clear: it is indeed a reliable essay writing service. The EssayPro team comprises skilled writers who stand ready to meet your needs, providing a platform for easy comparison when selecting your preferred service.

Dependable Service

EssayPro’s inception dates back to 1997, and its headquarters are located in Kissimmee, just outside Orlando. The service caters to students across various regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and New Zealand.
The EssayPro website highlights several positive aspects:

  • Over 1.5 million favorable online reviews
  • A ResellerRatings rating of 4.8 stars
  • Completion of over 300,000 papers in 2021
  • More than 1,400 writers spanning the United States and Canada
  • A dedicated support team with a dozen members
  • iOS and Android apps for convenient access
  • Close to 140,000 Facebook followers
  • Many writers and staff members can be followed on LinkedIn as well

EssayPro’s extensive history contributes to its substantial following. Although it’s unclear how many orders result from referrals or repeat customers, the company remains actively engaged in its services.

EssayPro Writers and Experts

But how does EssayPro operate? The platform boasts a roster of over 1,400 writers based in the United States and Canada. These writers encompass a diverse range of experiences, including those with extensive order history and reviews.
Transparency is a hallmark of EssayPro’s approach to hiring. By visiting a writer’s profile, you can access a wealth of information about them, including:

  • The writer’s completed orders categorized by subject
  • The various types of projects the writer has handled
  • Detailed customer feedback and reviews
  • The writer’s specific areas of expertise
  • Profile photos of each writer

The platform allows you to search for a writer based on the subject matter you require assistance with. Thirteen distinct categories, ranging from computer science and psychology to business and management, are available to help you find the right match.

Writer Recruitment Process at EssayPro

Every writer working with EssayPro must meet certain criteria:

  • The writer should hold a college degree.
  • At least one year of professional writing experience is required.
  • All team members must be native English speakers from the United States or Canada.

The writer selection process at EssayPro follows these steps:

  1. Initial identity verification of the writer.
  2. Submission of documents proving the writer’s educational background within the last five years, with diplomas verified through signatures and stamps.
  3. Provision of writing samples for assessment.
  4. Assignment of a one-page project to evaluate the writer’s performance.
  5. Grading of the writer’s project, determining their suitability for the team.
  6. A one-month trial period for selected writers. Official membership in the EssayPro team is granted if the writer maintains a high level of performance during this period.

Placing an Order

EssayPro offers a straightforward process for ordering papers. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Provide your order specifications.

You’ll furnish details about the type of assignment, its academic level, and required length. Additional materials like files or outlines can be attached as needed.

  1. Set a dual deadline.

The dual deadline entails two distinct timeframes: one for your chosen writer to complete the task and another for the project’s overall delivery. Ensure an adequate gap between these deadlines to accommodate potential revisions.

  1. Select a writer for collaboration.

Browse through available writer profiles to identify a suitable match for your project. You can evaluate writers by reviewing their profiles and engaging in real-time chats for further clarifications.

  1. Make a deposit into your customer account.

Ensure sufficient funds are available in your account to cover the writer’s services.

  1. Hire your chosen writer.

Once you’ve made your selection, the writer will commence work on your paper.

  1. Monitor progress through your account.

Access your control panel to track project advancement. This tool also allows you to release payment to the writer as necessary.

  1. After completion, review your paper and download it.

You can download the final project and leave feedback. The platform accommodates revision requests as needed.

Payment Method

Payments for services are facilitated by adding funds to your customer account.

These funds are then allocated to your writer. If the project’s cost exceeds the available balance, you can conveniently top up your account.
Secure credit card payments are accepted for funding. Note that PayPal and other cash transfer services are not supported on the website.

Quality of Work

The subsequent aspect explored in this EssayPro review is the quality of work you can expect. The service pledges top-tier quality for every project undertaken.
EssayPro assures clients that all projects are unique and free from plagiarism. Each paper undergoes scrutiny using third-party plagiarism detection tools to verify originality. Citations, references, and formatting are meticulously inspected to guarantee accuracy and prevent inadvertent plagiarism.

The service’s writers are reputed for their punctuality. The availability of writers ready to commence work immediately ensures timely delivery and minimizes waiting periods.

Test Orders

Analysis of EssayPro’s projects yields intriguing insights. Although skepticism surrounds certain claims, a host of positives emerge from what EssayPro offers.
The completed projects we examined were easily comprehensible, devoid of convoluted sentences. Writers demonstrate adeptness in producing accessible content, occasionally opting for succinct sentences.

Emphasis on concise, purposeful paragraphs is evident. Repetition is minimized, with a focus on organizing content into distinct sections. While some summarization is necessary, the overarching aim is to create smooth transitions between points.

The structure of typical EssayPro papers is characterized by well-constructed outlines facilitating organized content arrangement. Papers comprise distinct headings catering to various subtopics. An introduction establishes context, with subsequent sections delving into argument nuances, pros and cons, or future prospects.
Anticipate a coherent introduction, comprehensive background information, and elaboration on the topic’s facets. Multiple conclusions wrap up introduced concepts, guiding readers in their thought process. The focus remains on fostering reader engagement.

References in EssayPro papers are diligently curated to ensure proper citation. Formatting, citations, and other elements are meticulously verified, ensuring functional citations and eliminating inadvertent plagiarism.

However, even with the diligence of EssayPro writers, revisions may occasionally be necessary. Fortunately, the platform supports unlimited revisions for each project. You can provide detailed revision notes, and the writer will diligently address your requirements.

Customer Support

EssayPro guarantees customer satisfaction with every project. Our experience with test orders revealed a swift 10-15 minute response time to email inquiries.
Alternatively, the live chat feature on the EssayPro website yields quick responses. While live personnel are usually available, an AI program covers off-hours.

The FAQ section on the EssayPro site offers comprehensive explanations on various aspects of the service. EssayPro staff have contributed numerous articles, covering topics from order placement and management to pricing and security.

While EssayPro lacks a phone contact, it maintains an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, offering additional communication channels.

Cost and Discounts

EssayPro’s legitimacy may lead one to believe its services are costly, but in reality, the platform offers reasonable pricing.
Project costs are determined by the following factors:

  • Academic level, ranging from high school to doctorate
  • Project completion timeframe
  • Required page count
  • Single or double spacing (single-spacing equates to roughly twice the word count per page)

EssayPro projects can start as low as $10.80 per page, with costs varying based on order specifics. For instance, a college-level paper due in two weeks might cost $11.40 per page, while a Master’s level paper would be priced at $13.20 per page.

The service includes various elements in its writing cost, such as:

  • An originality report verifying proper citations
  • Formatting adherence
  • Possible inclusion of an outline
  • Title page and supplementary components, if needed
  • Unlimited edits for your final project

EssayPro also offers volume discounts for longer papers. For instance, a ten-page Master’s paper priced at $13.20 per page totals $92.40, a 30% reduction from the standard $132 rate. By inputting your paper details, you can gauge potential discounts.
Additional discounts might be available if your project faces delays or budget overruns. Contact support for assistance in such cases.

Notably, EssayPro does not currently offer referral programs for service discounts.

Guarantee and Reviews

Based on user feedback, EssayPro provides a money-back guarantee for client reassurance. Clients can request revisions within thirty days of project completion. Feedback and files aid writers in making effective revisions, ensuring accurate adjustments.
In cases where client satisfaction remains elusive, requesting a refund becomes an option. Customers can engage with the customer service department, initiating a discussion that leads to a potential refund. While full refunds are likely, partial refunds may apply in specific scenarios. The outcome is subject to the discretion of the customer service team.

Online Feedback

Numerous users have shared their experiences through EssayPro reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit. It’s worth noting that not all online reviews may be authentic, as certain users might evade detection. As of February 2023, here’s an overview of sentiments from various websites:

  • SiteJabber – A stellar 4.76-star rating from over 15,000 reviews

Users appreciate the opportunity to engage with writers before placing orders, highlighting EssayPro’s transparency and integrity.

  • ResellerRatings – An impressive 4.85-star rating from around 250 reviews

Although the number of reviews is limited, customers commend EssayPro for well-researched and edited projects. Writers’ adherence to instructions garners praise as well.

  • – A mixed 3.3-star rating from about 130 reviews

Feedback on this platform varies, with some expressing difficulty in communication with writers. However, others note timely completion and minimal revisions. While fewer reviews are available, they offer insights into the diverse user experiences.

Pros and Cons of EssayPro


  • Simple order process

EssayPro streamlines the process of placing orders and selecting writers, enhancing user convenience.

  • Prompt delivery

Immediate writer engagement translates to timely project completion and delivery.

  • Original and authentic content

EssayPro projects are characterized by uniqueness and absence of plagiarism. Comprehensive citation and formatting checks uphold quality.

  • Effortless project tracking

Accessible control panels enable project monitoring and communication with writers for seamless collaboration.

  • Limited contact options

Phone-based communication is absent, with contact limited to email and live chat.

  • Quality variation

While many writers excel, some variance exists in project quality, requiring revisions.

  • Potential for missed deadlines

Strict timeframes necessitate effective communication between clients and writers to prevent delays.

  • Unverified writers

Not all writers have verified educational backgrounds, potentially affecting project quality.


Our EssayPro review concludes that the service holds true to its reputation. With a vast user base, its legitimacy is apparent. The platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction, evidenced by its refund and revision policies, reinforces its reliability.
EssayPro’s user-friendly interface, straightforward order process, and transparent writer profiles enhance user experience. The service’s writers demonstrate proficiency in creating organized, well-structured, and thoroughly cited content. While variations in quality may exist, EssayPro’s unlimited revisions mitigate potential issues.

Prompt delivery of projects and attentive customer support add further value. The platform’s pricing, considering the quality delivered, proves competitive. Numerous positive reviews on external platforms reaffirm EssayPro’s standing in the academic writing industry.

In conclusion, EssayPro offers a dependable avenue for students seeking assistance with their academic writing projects. Its extensive features, including transparent writer profiles and straightforward ordering, set it apart as a valuable resource for students worldwide.

Please note that our EssayPro review is based on available information as of February 2023. The platform’s features and policies might evolve over time, so we recommend checking the official EssayPro website for the latest information and updates.

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