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Order Now is the website dedicated to proofreading and editing. It’s targeted at helping students improve their own writing content before submitting it to instructors or professors. It’s a great proofreading solution for users looking for affordable and fast results based on customer feedback.


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  • All services provided by are completely free of charge, offering users a comprehensive virtual writing encyclopedia at their disposal;
  • The website boasts a comprehensive and well-organized structure, categorized for easy and efficient navigation;
  • Users have the option to engage with writing experts through a dedicated message board;
  • A useful glossary is available, offering accurate definitions for a variety of terms.
  • is primarily tailored for advanced students and educators, limiting its suitability for those seeking original expert-written papers.


This user-friendly website sets itself apart by not solely focusing on writing academic papers for customers, as many other services do. Instead, specializes in editing services, providing students the opportunity to assess paper quality before submission and receive expert suggestions for improvement. This review delves into to determine if it can offer valuable guidance to students.


  • Ask an Expert section to address visitor writing queries;
  • Diverse examples of various writing genres;
  • Active presence on social media for swift problem-solving;
  • Experienced writing experts aiding users;
  • Helpful guides for diverse academic and other paper types.

Website Design and Content presents a professional façade, yet may appear slightly overwhelming due to the wealth of pages, including free samples, guides, tools, and services. The website offers six free online tools for enhancing the writing process:

  • Citation generator for fast reference creation and formatting;
  • Plagiarism checker to detect copied content;
  • Extensive database of essay topics;
  • Personalized responses from experts;
  • Assignment planner for effective time management;
  • Glossary with explanations of essay-related terms.

Services Offered is a legitimate proofreading service, focusing on editing rather than custom writing. Busy students seeking comprehensive writing solutions may need to explore other websites catering to their requirements. empowers students by providing feedback, aiding them in avoiding recurring errors.

The services offered by allow users to:

  • Assess their writing prior to submission;
  • Anticipate grades and comprehend instructor evaluations;
  • Enhance writing skills through insightful feedback;
  • Seek expert opinions on papers intended for publication. Categories classifies writing tasks into distinct categories:

  • Creative writing, offering tips for novels, poems, and short stories;
  • Letter writing, including samples of complaints and resignation letters;
  • Business writing, encompassing standard emails and meeting minutes;
  • Academic assignments, covering diverse essay types;
  • Comprehensive writing guides and specialized resources for students, encompassing scholarship and admissions essays.


One of’s standout features is its comprehensive glossary, providing detailed explanations of various terms. This resource proves immensely valuable to students seeking clarity. For instance, the glossary aids users in understanding concepts like business emails.

Writing Tips, Samples, and Guides offers an array of free writing samples, guides, and tips addressing common challenges encountered in academic assignments. These resources encompass a wide range of topics, including common grammatical mistakes, transitions, and genre-specific word usage, among others. The materials are well-written and easily comprehensible.

Business Writing

The website provides samples and guides for various business writing types, such as cover letters, resumes, and informal letters. These resources outline distinctions between formal and informal language usage and offer insights into appropriate terminology. is particularly beneficial for individuals new to professional business communication.

In Conclusion

In summary, equips visitors with valuable guides across a spectrum of business and academic writing styles. Users gain access to an array of writing tips, samples, and guides, covering book reviews, term papers, resignation letters, research proposals, and more. The standout aspect is that all these services are provided free of charge. Each writing category is accompanied by detailed guides, key considerations, and pitfalls to avoid. The website features an Ask an Expert message board and a comprehensive glossary, enhancing its value.

Rating: 7.9

  • Toll-free support – NO
  • UK-based writers – YES
  • Unlimited revisions – NO
  • Direct communication with writers – YES
  • Free samples – YES
  • Various formats supported – YES
  • Multi-currency payment – NO
  • Preferred writer selection – NO
  • Editors and proofreading – YES
  • Price calculator – NO
  • Plagiarism checker – YES
  • Support chat – NO
  • Support phone – NO
  • How it Works section – YES

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