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Essays constitute an integral aspect of the university experience, intermingling with social engagements, forging new bonds, and hours spent within library walls. For those with a penchant for writing, these assignments prove effortlessly manageable. Nonetheless, unanticipated deadlines and hefty workloads can pose a challenge in delivering impeccably crafted university assignments punctually. These are not akin to mere school essays; they demand diligent research and a significant investment of time.

Numerous students embark on a quest for the finest essay writing service reviews, seeking a reputable company to assist them in their academic endeavors. This undertaking, however, is no facile feat, given the prevalent practice of purchasing fabricated reviews within today’s business landscape. In a bid to facilitate your pursuit of the premier writing service in the United States, we have curated an encompassing overview of diverse establishments and key factors to consider when seeking scholastic assistance.

  • High-quality write-ups
  • Wide range of services
  • Сustomer support
  • Affordable prices on academic writing services;
  • Easy-to-navigate website;
  • A range of available solutions.
  • Good value for money
  • Most useful Chat Support widget I have seen
  • Helpful and responsive Support Team
  • High quality write-ups
  • Direct communication with writers is available.
  • Free samples are provided.
  • Various formats are available
  • Support chat and phone are available




This company takes the lead with an impressive 4.97-star rating, making it a top contender among reputable and trustworthy essay writing websites featured in our article. A slight curiosity arises from the reviews on Sitejabber, where an overwhelming 2,956 5-star reviews overshadow a mere two 3-star reviews.


The website design may not be groundbreaking, bearing a resemblance to a typical university webpage.


Upon entering the website, you’re immediately offered a 9% discount in exchange for your email.


For a 1-page college essay delivered within 7 days, the price is set at $17. Positioned at the top of the page is a user-friendly rate calculator.



In urgent need of an essay within a tight deadline? Studybay emerges as an excellent choice. Accumulating an impressive 1,870 reviews averaging 4.62 stars on Sitejabber, it proves its mettle. Regrettably, no profile is available on Trustpilot, thus limiting our information retrieval.


Sporting a unique and recognizable green color scheme, Studybay’s website boasts a simplistic and minimalistic design. The main page features a ‘How it works’ section, while rate calculation requires a visit to the Writing Centre page. A Customer Support Chat pop-up accompanies your navigation, providing assistance when needed.


Studybay adopts a bidding system for pricing, allowing writers to submit bids for your order. This flexibility enables you to choose the most suitable writer and price for your task.

A 1-page undergraduate essay delivered in 7 days is priced around $15, though prices may vary due to the bidding system.




Boasting an intriguingly high 5-star rating on Sitejabber and a commendable 4.6 on Trustpilot, Studdit garners attention. Yet, its total of 37 Sitejabber reviews may hinder a comprehensive assessment of service quality.


Studdit’s website presents a more appealing interface compared to some competitors. Embracing the principles of new-wave UI design, it offers a seamless user experience across both web and mobile platforms. However, animations affecting webpage loading time may pose a drawback during the essay ordering process.


While a 15% discount is enticing, an underlying condition stipulates: “Use 5% OFF now and get 10% back later.” The timing of the 10% return remains unclear.


For a 1-page undergraduate essay delivered in 7 days, the cost is $21.




Establishing a positive reputation among students of various levels, GradeMiners secures a commendable 4.56-star rating on SiteJabber, making it a prudent choice for those in need of swift results.


While brightly colored, the website’s design remains uncluttered. Notable features, such as the pricing calculator and latest reviews, remain easily accessible.


As customary, an email submission yields a discount. This time, a 15% discount is offered without hidden stipulations.


A 1-page undergraduate essay delivered within 7 days is priced at $18, reduced to $15.46 with a first-time discount. Urgent requests within 1 hour increase the cost to $44, or $38 with a 15% discount.

Paper Help



Ranking among the top 5 essay websites, PaperHelp secures a commendable 4.7-star rating on Sitejabber and a respectable 4.3 on Trustpilot.


Unlike other services, PaperHelp offers no initial discount upon visiting the webpage. Instead, an email submission provides a time-limited promo code.


Sporting a space-themed design, PaperHelp’s website features a friendly astronaut character. An Apple Pay option is highlighted at the top of the page.


For a 1-page college essay delivered in 7 days, the cost is $24. The fastest turnaround time offered is 3 hours.

BBQ Papers



BBQ Papers stands as an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals seeking solid essay writing services, boasting a commendable 4.77-star rating on Sitejabber and a 4.5 on Trustpilot.


With a minimalist design, BBQ Papers’ website provides easy access to essential information and the ordering process. However, a lack of a rate calculator may raise reliability concerns.


Pricing for a one-page undergraduate essay begins at $19, though turnaround times are unspecified on the website.




EssayPro emerges as a formidable player in the realm of essay writing, boasting an impressive count of Sitejabber reviews. A staggering 14,817 ratings average to 4.76 stars on Sitejabber, although Trustpilot remains void of any feedback. Notably, the rating distribution strikes a more balanced chord, encompassing not only numerous 5-star reviews but also a significant number of 4 and 3-star evaluations.

The presence of a proactive Customer Service team shines through. Many dissatisfied Sitejabber reviews reveal that “EssayPro attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond,” showcasing a genuine commitment to customer care.


EssayPro’s web page appears somewhat crowded. While the price calculator takes the lead upon accessing the website, it may require a moment to pinpoint this feature.


An undergraduate one-page essay delivered within seven days comes at a price of $11.4, marking the most budget-friendly option on our list.




Despite its standing as a premier essay writing service, online reviews for EssayAssist remain relatively scarce. A collection of 31 reviews averages a 3.9-star rating on Sitejabber. The scarcity of sponsored feedback may hint at the authenticity of these reviews, yet it also leaves us with a partial perspective of EssayAssist’s offerings.


Unfortunately, we encountered difficulties accessing the EssayAssist website for content and feature evaluation. It might be prudent to update the Sitejabber link, especially if the company has transitioned to a new website. As a result, we are unable to provide a price quote for a one-page essay.




Known for its affordability and rapid turnaround, 99Papers emerges as a top choice for budget-conscious students. With 130 reviews and an overall 4.46-star rating on Sitejabber, 99Papers garners a solid reputation. While reviews may vary, a subset provides valuable insights into the workings of 99Papers.


The 99Papers website exudes vibrancy and appeal, although it may exude a somewhat youthful aura. Nevertheless, the layout effectively highlights essential features.


As an added perk, your first order includes a complimentary originality report.


For a one-page undergraduate essay delivered in seven days, the cost stands at approximately $16. The swiftest turnaround time, for those in a rush, is 3 hours.




Sporting an impressive Sitejabber rating of 4.56, EssayBox establishes itself as a formidable contender in the realm of essay writing services. Reviews oscillate between praising its exceptional customer service and bordering on skepticism. Such mixed feedback is not uncommon, warranting careful consideration to discern between paid endorsements and genuine reviews.


The website’s layout is somewhat text-heavy, potentially overwhelming at first glance. However, diligent exploration yields essential information for placing an order. Notably, the rate calculator takes center stage on the EssayBox webpage.


Similarly to 99Papers, EssayBox offers a complimentary originality report with your initial order.


Opting for EssayBox entails a cost of around $20 for a one-page, undergraduate essay delivered within seven days. Urgent requirements can be met with a swift turnaround time of 3 hours.

How to Select the Top Writing Services?

When making a choice among the best essay writing services, it’s crucial to consider what personally matters to you and what factors would enhance your overall experience.

Online Reputation

In an oversaturated business landscape, gauging the online reputation of a specific company can be challenging. While review platforms offer assistance, the issue of paid reviews arises. To ensure the authenticity of reviews, we’ve crafted a brief guide later in the article.

Revision and Money-Back Policy

Most of the listed companies offer a Money-Back Guarantee and the chance to request revisions for unsatisfactory work. Upon reviewing your work, if errors are found, a complete refund is processed within 3-5 business days. Opting for companies with such features safeguards your investment if the delivered work falls short of expectations.

Ordering Process

The ordering process is fairly consistent across platforms, though certain companies exhibit greater customer orientation. For instance, Studybay permits inviting writers previously engaged for other assignments, while Paper Help introduces the convenience of Apple Pay.

Pricing and Discounts

Due to varied business models and hiring criteria, prices fluctuate across websites. An overview of our top 10 list reveals costs generally ranging from $11 to $25 for a 275-word piece within 7 days. Pricing hinges on writer location, qualifications, and whether it’s a bidding or assigned system. Advantages and disadvantages of each pricing model are detailed below.
Regular discounts are also prevalent among essay services. Often, initial website entry yields immediate discounts. Subscribing to mailing lists can unlock additional offers, optimizing affordability.

Paper Quality

Assignment quality hinges on writer qualifications, experience, and the adoption of a two-editor model by the chosen paper writing service. To avoid unprofessional writers, opt for platforms with rigorous hiring processes and qualification tests.

Customer Support

Initial interactions with customer support often transpire through pop-up chat windows. Gauge responsiveness by sending a message and assessing reply times and detail. This serves as a litmus test to select the prime essay writing service for university tasks.

Types of Services

In addition to essay assistance, paper writing websites offer research, assignments, coursework, personal statements, dissertations, and lab reports. Supplementary services encompass plagiarism checks, editing, and proofreading. Decide whether to delegate tasks to multiple sources or consolidate services within one platform.

Top Writing Services Evaluated by Students – Recent Customer Reviews

Our research reveals notable companies housing exceptional essay writers, presented in the table above. Let’s delve into two highly-rated and two moderately-rated services, examining recent essay service reviews and their alignment with Sitejabber ratings.
Speedypaper – 4.97-star rating

With an overwhelming 96.5% of 5-star Speedypaper ratings, recent reviews indicate unblemished contentment. Yet, a lack of verified reviews raises suspicions of potential fabrication, albeit inconclusive.

EssayPro – 4.97-star rating

EssayPro’s scenario differs: abundant reviews carry verified purchase credentials, though none are from the past week. Recent feedback spans both positive and slightly negative dimensions, fostering greater reliability.

Studybay – 4.6-star rating

Mirroring EssayPro, Studybay boasts numerous verified reviews but lacks recent validations. Positive recent feedback suggests a credible assortment of legitimate reviews, with more recent weekly feedback compared to peers.

Grademiners – 4.6-star rating

While 64% of GradeMiners reviews on Sitejabber shine as 5-star ratings, scarcity of verified reviews raises concerns. Mere four unverified reviews from the past week underscore limited buzz surrounding this top essay service.

Verifying Authenticity of Online Essay Reviews

  • Gray Area Perspectives
    Amidst review platforms, you’ll encounter overwhelmingly positive or extremely negative essay writing service reviews. Disparate views may signal genuine feedback, offering a balanced assessment encompassing pros and cons.
  • Brevity and Shoddy Writing
    Fake reviews often exhibit concise, poorly-written content devoid of details. Such reviews appear geared towards influencing overall user ratings rather than offering genuine insight into a company’s services.
  • Anonymity and Scanty Details
    Questionable reviews often stem from accounts lacking substantial personal information. Such accounts, despite being common, erode trust and hinder your quest for the best essay writing service in the US.
  • Advertising-Like Tone
    Reviews resembling advertisements for a company may lack authenticity. Phrases like ‘the best’, ‘the only’, or ‘ideal’ may indicate fabrication. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Optimal and Secure Payment Methods on Essay Writing Platforms

The payment stage holds immense significance in the ordering process, significantly influencing your overall experience. Prioritize familiar payment methods and ensure the web pages you input card details on are secure and encrypted. Many businesses offer options like bank transfers, PayPal, and even the recently added ApplePay.

Bidding vs Assigned Writers: Making the Right Choice


The bidding system empowers you to personally select a writer for your project, deviating from the practice of relying solely on the chosen reputable company. After submitting your order form, incoming bids from multiple writers vying to assist with your college essay will arrive.
During this phase, you possess the flexibility to choose a proficient writer best aligned with your project’s requirements. Factors such as experience, ratings, and qualifications can be compared, aiding you in making an informed decision regarding the writer who will excel in crafting your term paper.

Generally, the bidding system fosters competitive pricing due to a vast pool of writers available to undertake your university assignment. After narrowing down candidates based on qualifications, you can assess pricing and select a writer that suits your budget.

However, it’s worth noting that the process of sifting through numerous bids can be time-consuming. Essay writing platforms strive to maintain a substantial pool of writers available around the clock, which may result in a considerable number of bids to evaluate.

Pros Cons
Lower rates due to a big choice of writers Selecting a writer is time-consuming
A chance to choose the most qualified writer yourself The responsibility of choosing the right writer
Better quality for a lower price

Writer assigned

With this system, the weight of the responsibility is shifted onto the best essay writing website. Now, after filling out your order and providing the best website for essay writing with a detailed explanation of what services exactly you will need, you just have to wait until the system assigns you a writer it seems best fit for completing your essay. You would think that the company does an excellent job at this since its reputation depends on the result, which, unfortunately, is not always the case.

While this system will save you a considerable amount of time, it will not save you money. Since the company acts as the writer’s manager in this process, it is only fair for them to charge a fee, making the overall rate higher than in the bidding system.

Pros Cons
Fast checkout Higher rates
No responsibility for choosing the right professional No guarantee you will get a suitable writer

Maximizing Your Experience with Essay Services

When aiming to make the most of your engagement with essay services, it’s essential to focus on aspects that hold personal importance to you throughout the process. Whether it’s swift delivery, qualified writers, cost-effectiveness, or a diverse range of topics, identifying your priorities ensures a favorable experience. Here are key points to consider:

  • Turnaround Times
  • Pricing
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Writer Qualifications
  • Company Reputation and Reviews
  • Writing Quality
  • Bidding vs Writers Assigned System

Another crucial step is providing precise and comprehensive instructions when placing your order. A well-detailed form and clear communication with your assistant leave minimal room for unexpected errors.
By adhering to these principles, you can determine the most suitable essay writing service for your needs.

Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage from Chosen Paper Writing Services

  • Utilize All Features
    Before confirming your payment, ensure you’re aware of the inclusive features and services within the offered price. Uncover the hidden aspects that enhance your purchase. Don’t hesitate to inquire with Customer Support to ensure you derive maximum value.
  • Evaluate Guarantees Upfront
    As highlighted earlier, confirming the presence of revision and money-back guarantees is vital for a seamless experience. Such assurances safeguard against potential dissatisfaction. Mistakes can occur, and having the safety net of a money-back guarantee ensures a swift resolution even with the best academic essay writing service.

Advantages of Opting for a Custom Essay Writing Service

  • Saves Valuable Time
  • Enhances Academic Performance
  • Personalized Approach
  • Additional Services: Editing, Proofreading, Plagiarism Checking

Enlisting a custom essay service guarantees a tailored approach to your assignment, resulting in superior grades compared to pre-written papers. These services subject your order to meticulous editing, proofreading, and plagiarism checks, sparing you time and energy.
These platforms enable you to select a skilled writer with effective communication skills. You’ll receive regular updates during the writing process, granting you a sense of control akin to writing the essay yourself, minus the exertion.

Drawbacks of Using Essay Services

Of course, every technological advancement has its limitations, even among the finest custom essay writing services. Both clients and writers are susceptible to human errors. A flawless order right before the deadline isn’t guaranteed, particularly for extensive academic essays crafted under time constraints. Such scenarios heighten the likelihood of grammar errors and typos, which may elude even an editor’s scrutiny. This risk magnifies further for specialized topics with limited coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find the Best Essay Writers?

Our curated list of the top 10 paper writing services features reliable professional writers. Some boast high ratings, while others accumulate recent positive reviews. Your preferences dictate the priorities.

How Do Premier Essay Writing Services Operate?

The process is straightforward yet may diverge based on a bidding or writer-assigned system. Complete a form, place an order, and either choose a writer or await assignment. Pay the fee, review the work, and provide suggestions if necessary.

Are Paper Writing Services Legitimate?

Absolutely, these services operate within legal bounds. Functioning akin to other businesses, it’s prudent to opt for platforms boasting a solid online reputation.

Are Essay Services Worthwhile?

In our estimation, they offer substantial value. A proficient essay writer saves you time and effort, freeing resources for other endeavors.

Is Essay Writing Service Considered Legal?

Indeed, the process is entirely lawful. You engage a service, remit payment, and receive a high-quality outcome—simple as that.

Can I Pay Someone to Write an Essay?

Fortunately, you can. Once you identify a reliable essay writing website, selecting an adept helper to manage your university work is achievable.

Can Educators Detect If I Purchase an Essay Online?

No, the process can be entirely anonymous at your discretion. Furthermore, service providers are prohibited from divulging your personal details to educators.

What’s a Reasonable Price for Quality Essay Writing?

Prices for high-quality essays typically range between $11 and $25, encompassing 275 words within a week.

What if the Premier College Paper Writing Service Misses the Deadline?

Before confirming your order, ensure the selected trusted company provides a Money-Back Guarantee, ensuring a refund in case of deadline non-compliance.

What if I Urgently Require Essay Assistance?

Opt for platforms offering rapid turnaround times, as some writers can fulfill tasks within an hour.