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Best Research Paper Writing Services

A research paper writing help service involves a company that has assembled a team of professional writers with the expertise to assist you in your university assignments. They will produce an entirely unique, custom piece of content that aligns with your specific needs and requirements, including those of your professor.

This spares you the invaluable time and effort required for researching, planning, and composing your assignment. While not on the scale of a dissertation or thesis, it still demands a significant amount of effort. With writing support, you can even submit an urgent task promptly, without stress.

Typically, such companies offer a comprehensive range of services, encompassing writing, proofreading, and even editing. However, our focus in this article is on identifying the optimal research paper service and writer for your needs.

Reliable & Budget-Friendly Writing Platforms

Even when faced with the urgency of your research assignment, making a hurried decision is not advisable in such instances. Prior to selecting your term paper writing service, conducting thorough research is prudent to ensure you receive value for your investment.

To aid you in the decision-making process, we have assembled a table showcasing the top 10 custom research paper writing services. Following that, we provide a comprehensive review of each service, delving into the advantages and disadvantages, pricing details, and feedback from customers on platforms like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and Reddit.

Top Research Paper Writing Services in 2023

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Discover the Finest Research Paper Writing Services in the United States

In your pursuit of the most exceptional research paper writing services in the USA, we have meticulously compiled an extensive array of details about the top 10 writing service providers. This curated list begins with an overview of their primary features, followed by an in-depth examination of each company. We are optimistic that this compilation will assist you in pinpointing and enlisting the services of the preeminent online paper writers.

1. PaperHelp: Premier Choice for Overall Research Paper Writing

PaperHelp stands out in the realm of research write-ups, alongside other term paper writing services, with its impressive 4.7-star rating on Sitejabber and a close 4.3 on Trustpilot.
Upon visiting PaperHelp’s website, you’ll be greeted with an enticing chance to enter a raffle for a discount. It appears that by entering your email, you can secure this discount. This pleasant surprise sets the tone for your experience with PaperHelp’s services.

The website features a convenient pricing calculator adorned with a charming astronaut character, a unique touch that sets PaperHelp apart. Unlike many other research paper writer companies, PaperHelp invests in a sleek design and even introduces a mascot character.

The ordering process is refreshingly straightforward and has been made even more convenient with the inclusion of ApplePay as a payment option, alongside other user-friendly choices.

Notably, PaperHelp offers you opportunities to earn money through their ‘Earn with Us’ program. While this might not be your primary objective when seeking an academic writer, the chance to earn extra money is a welcome addition for any student.

2. BBQPapers: Ideal for Complex Assignments and Term Papers

BBQPapers presents a range of prices, starting as low as $5.85 for a 100-word school essay, with higher rates for undergraduate and postgraduate assignments. However, the absence of a price calculator means you need to create an account before getting a precise cost estimate, which can be slightly inconvenient.
BBQPapers boasts some of the finest online research paper writers, representing the top 2% of professionals in the field. This makes it an excellent choice for intricate and demanding assignment write-ups. To ease the financial burden, BBQPapers offers loyalty discounts based on the length of the write-up, determined by the number of pages.

In the event of dissatisfaction, BBQPapers provides a ten-day window for requesting corrections post-submission. If this proves insufficient, they offer a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee. The FAQ section on their website is notably comprehensive, addressing a range of inquiries beyond what some other services offer.

3. Studybay: Affordable and Reliable

Studybay welcomes visitors with a minimalist, clutter-free design that facilitates easy navigation. This simplicity is appreciated, as it helps you swiftly access the crucial information without unnecessary distractions. Studybay’s website also features a blog with numerous informative articles.
Standing out with exceptional customer service, Studybay offers a live hotline for instant support, ensuring your questions receive prompt responses within 30 seconds. The checkout process includes a comprehensive breakdown of costs, presenting you with a clear understanding of your expenses. Additionally, Studybay offers two payment options: a partial payment or a one-time payment, accommodating both quick tasks and more extended assignments.

Studybay employs a bidding system, enabling competitive pricing, although costs can vary. The website ensures customer satisfaction by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee and the option to request revisions from your assistant after submission.

4. SpeedyPaper: Well-Known and Reputable

SpeedyPaper boasts a solid reputation, evident from its impressive 4.97-star rating. While most reviews are five stars, it’s recommended to explore reviews across various platforms for a comprehensive assessment.
SpeedyPaper’s vibrant website features eye-catching banners and slogans, including discounts during promotional periods and a 9% discount for providing your email.

One distinctive feature is SpeedyPaper’s free essay database, categorized for easy browsing and intended to inspire your own writing. They also offer a Thesis Statement Generator, a free service to help you craft captivating topics.

A rate calculator at the top of the website simplifies pricing estimation. For instance, a 1-page research paper delivered within 7 days would cost approximately $17.

5. EssayPro: Choose Your Top-Notch Research Paper Author

EssayPro ranks among the leading businesses housing the finest research paper writers. While boasting an average Sitejabber rating of 4.76 stars, EssayPro lacks Trustpilot reviews. The mix of reviews, including some below 5 stars, adds credibility to the overall rating.
The EssayPro website exhibits a pleasing color scheme and an uncluttered layout. A rate calculator is prominently featured, offering an affordable option starting at $11.4 for a one-page paper delivered in seven days.

However, the website’s Honor Code, though transparent, may appear contradictory, as it opposes cheating while being a research paper writing service. Nonetheless, EssayPro’s robust refund policy and detailed terms for various situations inspire confidence in their commitment to customer satisfaction.

6. 99Papers – The Most Affordable Service

With a Sitejabber rating of 4.46 stars, 99Papers offers affordability without compromising quality. The homepage features a pricing calculator, providing transparency and enabling you to gauge costs. A one-page, undergraduate paper delivered within 7 days costs around $16.
Distinctive to 99Papers is a list of premium features accompanying each order, including a Title Page, Bibliography Page, Outline, Originality Check, Unlimited Edits, and Formatting. The festive website balances visual appeal with informative content, featuring sections like ‘How It Works’ and ‘FAQs.’

Notably, 99Papers offers a page dedicated to identifying fake reviews, reinforcing its credibility and reliability as a newcomer in the market.

7. Essay Territory – Emerging Competitor in the Field

As a newly established professional research paper writing service, Essay Territory lacks extensive reviews but promises affordability. For instance, a one-page undergraduate essay delivered in 7 days costs $15. The pricing calculator on their homepage aids precise cost estimation.
Essay Territory guarantees plagiarism-free content, a refund policy, and a revision policy. Their website’s straightforward layout provides essential information, though it may appear relatively sparse. Despite this, venturing into this newcomer might yield unexpectedly positive results.

8. Grade Miners – Exemplary Reputation

Grade Miners maintains a realistic Sitejabber rating of 4.56 stars, substantiated by a mix of positive and negative reviews. The homepage offers a generous 15% discount in exchange for your email, enhancing its appeal. A one-page paper delivered within a week costs $18, with potential discounts considered.
Grade Miners’ website showcases a wide range of services and emphasizes their promises and guarantees, providing a clear picture of their offerings. Free grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking tools are available, along with a Title Generator and Essay Typer for added convenience.

With impressively quick turnaround times, Grade Miners can deliver a research paper within an hour for an additional fee. A rate calculator on their website provides exact pricing details.

9. Essay Box

As an established paper writing service, Essay Box maintains a Sitejabber rating of 4.56 stars, reflecting mixed reviews. The website features a classic layout, balanced by a subdued blue color scheme.
Essay Box’s content is comprehensive, detailing money-back and revision policies along with frequently asked questions. The cost for a one-page paper delivered within a week is approximately $20, positioning Essay Box as a competitive choice in the market.

10. Studdit

Studdit, a contender for the best research paper writing service, boasts an astonishing 5-star Sitejabber rating, despite limited reviews. The visually appealing website design, while impressive, may be resource-intensive for some devices due to its animated elements.
Studdit offers a user-friendly ordering guide and extends a 15% discount for your first order in exchange for your email. The pricing calculator facilitates precise cost estimation, with a one-page paper delivered in 7 days priced at $21.

However, Studdit’s website lacks some essential information, such as a readily accessible revision policy and money-back guarantee details. This may be an aspect to consider when making your selection.

Advantages of Utilizing Research Paper Writing Services

  • Simplicity of Use

Engaging with the finest research paper writing services grants you the luxury to unwind amidst the flurry of end-of-semester tasks. The ordering process mirrors the ease of online grocery shopping, with user-friendly interfaces guiding your purchase. Many websites incorporate pricing calculators, allowing you to plan and manage expenses ahead of time.

  • Time Efficiency

Entrusting your paper to professional academic writers liberates valuable time otherwise spent on information gathering, structural planning, and proofreading. These hours can now be channeled into more enjoyable activities, such as holiday preparations or quality moments with friends.

  • Enhanced Grades

Collaborating with accomplished academic paper writers guarantees the delivery of top-tier work within stipulated deadlines. Writers with extensive educational backgrounds and vast experience comprehend the nuances required for securing high grades from discerning professors.

Pitfalls and Guidance for Selecting the Right Service

  • Subpar Quality

Risk: The occasional substandard essay might bypass editing and proofreading safeguards.
Solution: Choose companies that subject potential academic writers to rigorous evaluation and professional assessments before onboarding.

  • Plagiarism

Risk: Unoriginal content created by unqualified writers might emerge as a concern.
Solution: Opt for custom research paper writing services that offer complimentary plagiarism checks before delivering the final work.

  • Delayed Submissions

Risk: Missing deadlines is a significant concern. Customer reviews occasionally indicate instances of missed due dates.
Solution: Prioritize companies offering money-back guarantees for delays. Stay informed by requesting regular progress updates from your chosen research paper writer.

To optimize your experience, select online writing services that meet the following criteria:

  • Native Speakers as Writers
  • Zero Plagiarism Assurance
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Free Revision Policy
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Timely Delivery
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • Direct Communication with Writers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the expected cost of a research paper? Prices for a well-crafted 275-word essay with a one-week deadline range from $10 to $25, catering to various budgets.


  • Can I find legitimate paper-writing services? Certainly! All the listed online research paper writing services are reputable and dependable, offering student-friendly essay writing solutions.


  • Can I hire a writer for my research paper? Yes, you can. To secure an experienced academic writer, opt for companies specializing in research paper writing services, like those highlighted above.


  • Is purchasing research papers online safe and legal? Absolutely. Offering writing assistance to students is legal, and you can choose to keep the process completely anonymous. Moreover, your personal information remains confidential and is not shared with professors.


  • Will my paper be plagiarism-free? The assurance of plagiarism-free content varies depending on your chosen company. Opt for a custom research paper writing service that includes a complimentary plagiarism check before delivering your work.


  • What are the steps to buying a research paper? The process is consistent across the top-rated research paper writing services. It involves registration, completing a form outlining your paper requirements, participating in a bidding system or getting assigned a writer, providing feedback, accepting the completed work, and making the payment.
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