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Custom Writing » Best Proofreading and Editing Services Online in 2022-2023

Best Proofreading and Editing Services Online in 2023

Mistakes happen to everyone. Whether you’re a high school student or a university professor, encountering occasional errors in your writing is unavoidable. You might have even sought out premier proofreading solutions to aid you in the editing phase. The real challenge lies in identifying those sneaky errors that are poised to undermine your article or dissertation.

While you might be your most stringent critic, the predicament lies in the fact that our brains aren’t inherently wired for self-proofreading. Our inclination towards our own work creates a bias! Our brains are adept at streamlining incoming information to prevent overwhelming our thoughts with minutiae. Consequently, when we attempt to scrutinize our own writing for mistakes, we retain the intended meaning, causing us to overlook finer details. In our minds, the text already appears flawless as it stands.

This is precisely why enlisting someone else to proofread your writing is a wise move. Opting for an unfamiliar individual could be more effective in countering bias. You may have pondered about the existence of reliable proofreading services and perhaps wondered which one is the most exceptional.

To simplify your quest for the ideal proofreading agency, we’ve compiled a synopsis of editing services that boast user ratings surpassing 4.7. Therefore, should you opt to seek assistance from top-notch online editing services, we present to you our compilation of the most budget-friendly and highly acclaimed contenders.

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Before embarking on your search for the ultimate solution, it’s crucial to grasp the essence of proofreading and distinguish it from other tasks.

So, what exactly is proofreading?

The assessment of any written work involves three distinct stages:

  • Editing

To uncover the finest online proofreading services, you must first comprehend your specific requirements. Suppose you’ve just completed writing a book, a thesis, or a dissertation – in that case, editing is your initial step.
Editing involves elevating the overall quality of your writing to produce the most exceptional essay possible. This endeavor demands creativity and the ability to perceive the bigger picture. At this juncture, an editor suggests and aids in navigating significant changes to the content or structure of your work.

Consider the following aspects:

  • Does the tone resonate with the intended audience?
  • Is the style sufficiently formal?
  • Should the structure be adjusted for enhanced communication of meaning?

While you can certainly attempt to scrutinize your work and implement necessary revisions, as previously discussed, this can be a formidable task due to our brain’s natural predisposition. By enlisting an editor, you gain access to valuable advice on semantics, structure, and style, thus elevating the quality of your writing.

  • Copyediting

Think of copyediting as a midpoint between editing and proofreading. A copyeditor focuses on ensuring your document is as grammatically precise as possible. This phase centers on sentence structure, punctuation, redundancy, and overall style uniformity.
Clarity is paramount, and of course, minor typos and errors are rectified. Unlike proofreading, copyediting allows for the addition, rewriting, or deletion of content.

  • Proofreading

This marks the final stage of the editing process. A proofreader meticulously reviews your document, pinpointing grammatical mistakes, inconsistent punctuation, or simple typos. The changes made are subtle, aimed at achieving a refined piece of writing as the ultimate outcome. It’s essential to note that a proofreader refrains from making structural or semantic alterations, underscoring the importance of preceding editing stages.

Who Offers Leading Proofreading Services?

While the year 2022 may present certain challenges, lack of variety is not among them. Once you’ve made the decision to have your essay, article, or thesis scrutinized, the time has come to select the ideal online service. We’ve compiled a table featuring the finest copy editing services available, followed by concise overviews of each.
The array of choices is extensive, and it’s imperative to bear in mind several factors that can influence your experience with any service, even if it’s considered the best paper editing service. Later in this article, we’ll delve into the most significant aspects. Beware of falling for low rates or quick turnaround times, as unexpected hidden fees may lurk where least expected.

Why Is Proofreading Your Writing Essential?

An Affordable Alternative for Swift Proofreading

If enlisting proofreading companies is a tad beyond your current budget, there exist more cost-effective options. Online proofreading software is capable of flagging grammar errors, highlighting repetitions, and even streamlining formatting, all with just a few clicks. Simply paste your text into the designated box and await the appearance of highlighted errors.
Generally, these services are complimentary, though they may offer advanced suggestions accessible solely through subscription purchase. While this may seem somewhat underhanded, the free versions still offer substantial insights and readily identify glaring grammatical and punctuation errors.

Online Proofreading Software

The reality is that none of these software programs can compete with a human proofreader from the cream of the crop among proofreading services. Contextual errors, which remain elusive to automated systems, are the kryptonite of proofreading software. We’ve devised a straightforward sentence to illustrate this dilemma and evaluated numerous proofreading services ourselves.
The sentence in question:

‘I have personally verificationed that the outdated transaction went through and insured that the client was immediately contacted in place.’

We deliberately altered the initial two words to closely resemble the correct versions while maintaining different spelling and significance. Lastly, we inserted a grammatically correct phrase that doesn’t logically fit the sentence.

1. Grammarly

Leading our lineup is Grammarly. Considered by many as the premier essay proofreading service, this software is a valuable tool for refining your work. Although not infallible and occasionally failing to identify obvious errors, Grammarly remains a dependable aid in proofreading.
Boasting a sleek and user-friendly interface, Grammarly presents essential tools such as font selection, color choices, and word count, enhancing user experience. The marketing approach is subtle: after implementing Grammarly’s recommendations, the software highlights advanced errors without offering direct corrections – a subscription is required for that.

Its performance with our intentionally erroneous sentences was relatively successful. While it overlooked issues with the latter two phrases, it did provide a correct solution for the initial segment on the second attempt. The result:
‘I have personally verified that the outdated transaction went through and ensured that the client was immediately contacted in place.’

2. LanguageTool

Next in line is LanguageTool, a close contender. Often, where Grammarly may overlook punctuation or grammar errors, LanguageTool excels, and vice versa. It’s common for proofreading software to diverge in suggested edits.
LanguageTool boasts a slightly bolder design compared to Grammarly, and it offers the same toolkit. Different types of errors are highlighted in distinctive colors, facilitating text review. LanguageTool permits checking up to 10,000 characters (approximately 1600 words) at a time, a significant advantage for writers.

However, LanguageTool faltered in our test, merely highlighting ‘verificationed’ as a ‘possible spelling mistake’ without offering a solution. Like Grammarly, advanced proofreading features are accessible through a subscription.

3. Ginger

Let’s evaluate our third grammar checker – Ginger. While its design resembles LanguageTool, its text limit is capped at 450 words. Unlike Grammarly, Ginger lacks advanced editing tools, offering a straightforward copy-and-paste online proofreading service. Here’s how it fared in our test:
‘I have personally verifications that the outdated transaction went through and insured that the client was immediately contacted in place.’

Ginger once again delivered an incorrect correction for our initial error and overlooked the other two mistakes.

Semantics proves challenging for machines, at least for now. It appears that grammar-checking software struggles beyond straightforward grammatical errors. For more nuanced editing, the human touch of a skilled editor from the finest academic editing services remains irreplaceable.


For those without connections in the editing realm and skepticism towards online services, an alternative exists. The notion of hiring a professional for a singular task is no longer mere fiction – it’s a reality.
Driven by demand, numerous freelance platforms showcase adept specialists from diverse fields. Locating one such platform and selecting your editor is all it takes. While various online freelance services are emerging, starting with established platforms like Fiverr or Upwork is recommended. The process is straightforward, and the potential to discover an exceptional talent at an affordable rate is substantial.

Nonetheless, like any online service, freelance platforms come with caveats. Before entrusting an unfamiliar editor with your work, heed the following considerations.

  • Choosing the Right Freelancer

The pool of available experts is extensive, making it challenging to find your ideal match amidst the plethora of choices. What compounds the challenge is the absence of concrete evidence verifying the expertise of the individual you come across. While freelancers may undergo ID verification and skill tests, these measures pale in comparison to the thorough scrutiny of a proofreading company.

  • Overwhelm of Options

As mentioned earlier, the abundance of options can become overwhelming when seeking a proofreader on a freelance platform. This abundance stems from the simplicity of registration on these platforms. While the best academic proofreading services subject candidates to rigorous selection, freelancing platforms necessitate only an ID for registration. Consequently, an array of self-proclaimed experts floods the market, complicating the search for a skilled editor.

  • Communication Challenges

Even when a seller garners positive reviews and appears to possess substantial experience, effective communication isn’t guaranteed. Instances of buyers encountering difficulties while discussing projects are prevalent on freelance platform forums. Clearly articulating your requirements and desires is a formidable task, particularly through virtual communication. Sellers may occasionally disregard requests or prematurely terminate a job, impeding the possibility of reaching a compromise.

  • Payment Concerns

Despite the advances in technology, drawbacks persist. While paying via credit card or PayPal balance may seem straightforward, complications can arise. Reports abound of card rejections, failed PayPal connections, and unsuccessful payments. Prior to engaging a freelancer, contemplating online copyediting services for preliminary proofreading is advisable.

  • Clarity in Requirements and Feedback

Providing explicit requirements and feedback extends beyond interpersonal communication. Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork have encountered past bugs and glitches that hindered file uploads in the requirements section or obstructed feedback to editors. At times, customer support marks remarks as “resolved” without effectively conveying them to the seller.

  • Lack of Commitment

Perhaps the most significant shortcoming is the lack of commitment. Freelancers are not uniformly diligent in their work. The profusion of options and absence of accountability allow editors on freelance platforms to deliver subpar work or abandon tasks midway.

  • Missed Deadlines

Commitment deficits often translate into missed deadlines. Entrusting your work to a freelancer does not ensure timely completion. Relying on such a service to meet deadlines might not be the wisest course of action.
Freelance platforms, while convenient, harbor unforeseen challenges. For a job well-executed, punctual, and reasonably priced, turning to paper proofreading services is a more reliable option.

When Should You Opt for Professional Proofreading Services?

  • Engaging a Professional

If self-editing yields unsatisfactory results, it’s time to consider hiring a professional. A seasoned editor possessing substantial expertise can elevate your academic writing to new heights.

  • Time Efficiency

Self-proofreading is exceedingly time-consuming. It’s advisable to let your writing sit for a few days to distance yourself before commencing the editing process. Multiple rounds of editing may follow to ensure no errors are overlooked. But what if your deadline looms? Here, top-notch essay proofreading services come to the rescue.

  • Enhanced Quality

Editors and proofreaders excel at identifying common mistakes, errors, and semantic incongruities. Enlisting professional editing guarantees a high-quality writing piece as the end result.

  • Elevate Your Writing

For those aspiring to develop as writers, engaging a proficient copyeditor is a game-changer. An editor not only rectifies grammar and punctuation but also proposes fundamental alterations that enhance your English writing prowess.

Scope of Coverage by Proofreading and Editing Services

Once you recognize the extensive coverage offered by proofreading and editing services, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. These services transcend mere typo correction or insertion of omitted commas. Editing represents a substantial transformation for your writing, both internally and externally. The subsequent aspects witness improvement through professional editing:
After undergoing a meticulous editor review, the following components experience enhancement:

  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Formatting services
  • Citations
  • Target audience
  • Capitalization
  • Clarity
  • Tone
  • Paragraph breaks
  • Semantics

Key Considerations When Selecting Editing Services

  • Pricing

As previously noted, some companies incorporate hidden charges for supplementary services. Opt for businesses equipped with transparent instant quote calculators. These tools furnish accurate cost estimates along with detailed breakdowns of the charges.

  • Two-Editor Model

Certain companies adopt a two-editor model, wherein a secondary professional reviews the corrections made by your designated editor. This double-check approach ensures no oversight, guaranteeing a seamless handover of your paper to publishers or professors.

  • Turnaround Times

For swift proofreading needs, prioritize services offering rapid turnaround times, though additional fees may apply. Turnaround periods vary among companies, ranging from one hour to twenty days.

  • Reviews

Seek genuine, authentic reviews devoid of generic content. Although sourcing authentic feedback can prove challenging, diligent research aids in making informed choices.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Arguably the most critical aspect is the presence of a Money Back guarantee. Not all services extend this assurance, and some may complicate the refund process. Prior to availing proofreading services, understand the conditions under which a refund may be pursued.

Select the Optimal Online Proofreading and Editing Services for Your Needs

As an author, you’ve likely pondered: what are the best proofreading services in the USA? Whether swift completion or perfection is paramount, your choice of services should align with your criteria. Feel free to explore each website and select the service that resonates with you based on the aforementioned considerations.


Service Pricing Turn around Review score Key features
Bid4Papers From 11$ You specify the time 4.9
  • Free edits
  • Anti-plagiarism check
  • Bidding system from authors
Enago $90-144 24 hours 2.9
  • 8% cashback with Enago deposit
  • five-pronged quality assurance system
  • pricing calculator
Elite Editing $130 24 hours 3.8
  • personalized editing
  • selective hiring process
  • ability to open a corporate account
Kibin $40 3 hours + 4.4
  • straightforward pricing calculator
  • vast editorial experience
  • Customer Happiness team
Scribendi $38 24 hours

4 hours (express)

  • various turnaround times available
  • quote calculator
  • big price range
PaperTrue $36 24 hours 4.5
  • free sample available
  • 12 hours to 1 week turnaround
  • senior editor reviews the proofreader’s work
Grade Miners $29 1-24 hours 4.5
  • pricing calculator
  • 24/7 customer support
  • free revisions
Wordvice $88 24 hours 4.6
  • 20$ referral link
  • instant quote calculator
  • gallery of published works
Studybay $13 24 hours 4.7
  • low pricing
  • initial discount
  • convenient interface
  • instant quote calculator
GetProofed $35 24 hours 4.7
  • eye-pleasing and convenient website
  • 3 to 24-hour turnaround time
Editorly $34 24 hours 4.7
  • instant price calculator
  • numerous payment options
  • 24-hour to 2-week turnaround time
Scribbr $59 24 hours 4.8
  • in-house editor team
  • 24-hour to 1-week turnaround
  • various editing types available (structure, clarity, formatting, citation)
Proofreading  Pal $43 12 hours 4.8
  • 30 minute to 7-day turnaround time
  • free 400-word sample
  • two-proofreader model
Global English Editing $28 24 hours 4.8
  • transparent editing guidelines
  • professional editors
  • a four-step quality assurance process
Edit My Paper $8.5 90 minutes + 4.8
  • a free quote for the project
  • you receive a tracked change copy (with comments)
Wordy $44 2 hours + 2.5
  • editors accept 11 file formats
  • 56 subject fields covered
  • copy-editors NDAs

The key to finding online best proofreading services is diligent research. Once you find a service that you like, you can always return to using it. Sometimes, companies (for example, Studybay) allow you to invite an editor you have liked to your future projects, ensuring consistent and high-quality results.

Hiring an editor to check your work is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and your writing. You will be amazed at how much time and stress such services save you in the long run.


Is it legal to use professional editors?

Of course, it is! Hiring a professional editor is not only legal but recommended in the academic field. Any type of writing, be it a book or an essay, will benefit from editing and proofreading services.

Which is the fastest essay editing service so that I can urgently check my essay?

If you need your work checked on time, Studybay is your choice. There are plenty of responsible editors and proofreaders to choose from and you can be sure they will deliver the result before the deadline.

What kind of turnaround time can you expect from proofreading and editing services?

The turnaround time normally depends on the company you choose to pay. Normally, it should not exceed 24 hours. However, many services do charge extra for quicker turnaround times.

How much do proofreading and editing services cost?

This will of course depend on the paper proofreading service, turnaround time, and document type. Proofreading a dissertation in 8 hours will cost more than editing an essay in a week. Generally speaking, prices range from $20 to $60.

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