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Privacy and Cookie Policy Your Privacy is Our Priority

At (“UES”, “we”, “us”), safeguarding your personal information is our utmost concern. We handle your personal data with diligence, ensuring its security and compliance with data protection regulations. This commitment applies to our valued customers and website visitors (“you”).

UES specializes in online performance marketing and lead generation. Based in Cyprus, we operate globally with subsidiary operations in multiple countries.

Operation of this Policy

This Policy outlines our approach to handling information that pertains to you (“personal data“). It clarifies the circumstances, reasons, and methods by which we process personal data. Additionally, it elucidates your statutory rights. Importantly, this Policy does not supersede any existing contractual agreements you have with us or override any rights you enjoy under data protection laws.

For detailed information on specific topics, you can explore the sections below, designed for easy access to the content most relevant to you.


  1. Accountability for Safeguarding Your Personal Data
  2. Types of Personal Data We Handle
  3. Purposes and Timings of Personal Data Processing
  4. Sharing of Your Personal Data
  5. Transfers Across International Boundaries
  6. Direct Marketing Practices
  7. Duration of Personal Data Retention
  8. Your Data Rights

1. Accountability for Safeguarding Your Personal Data

UES assumes the primary responsibility for safeguarding your personal data (your Data Controller). As the Data Controller, we define the methods and objectives of personal data processing.

While UES bears principal responsibility for your personal data’s security, it’s important to note that other companies may have access to databases containing this information. Regardless, all companies adhere to the standards outlined in this Policy when accessing personal data.

2. Types of Personal Data We Handle

We may process the following personal data about you:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Website usage
  • Occupation
  • Content you submit, such as posts, comments, personal preferences, opinions, complaints, chats
  • Additional information. You may voluntarily provide us with more information directly, or we may require additional information from you. For instance, we might collect more information while addressing a complaint you submitted, during your use of forum discussions or live chat interactions, or through other forms of communication.

3. Purposes and Timings of Personal Data Processing

UES collects information directly from you when you use our services or visit our websites. We process your personal data for various purposes, including:

  • Establishing and managing your account
  • Verifying eligibility for offers
  • Engaging in communication and responding to inquiries
  • Sending promotional emails related to products and services
  • Analyzing data for business enhancement
  • Improving website functionality and user experience
  • Targeting advertisements
  • Enrolling you in chat forums or communities
  • Fulfilling legal obligations

We process your personal data only for the purposes outlined in this Section 3. This is either with your consent or based on legitimate interests that respect your privacy.

4. Sharing of Your Personal Data

To support our business and services, we collaborate with various third parties who may require access to your personal data:

  • Our plugin provider and host, Automattic, Inc.
  • Analytics service providers like Google, Hotjar, and VWO
  • Service providers or data processors
  • UES group subsidiaries
  • Compliance with legal obligations or safeguarding interests
  • In case of business sale or acquisition

5. International Data Transfers

We might transfer personal data outside the European Union to third parties. We ensure that such transfers maintain your rights and interests. Data disclosure to law enforcement or regulatory bodies is subject to rigorous examination.

6. Direct Marketing Initiatives

We use your personal data for direct marketing communications related to our products and services. Processing for marketing purposes is based on legitimate interests or consent, as required by law. You can always opt out of direct marketing.

7. Retention Duration of Your Personal Data

We retain your personal data for the duration necessary to fulfill outlined purposes. Legal, tax, or accounting obligations may necessitate retention beyond that. Once data is no longer required, we securely delete or anonymize it.

8. Your Data Rights

You have various rights concerning your personal data. To exercise these rights, contact us at [email protected]. Your rights include:

  • Access
  • Rectification
  • Erasure
  • Limitation of Processing
  • Data Portability
  • Objection
  • Transfer Across Borders
  • Regulatory Oversight

For specific details, consult the table provided in the original document.

Cookie Usage: Enhancing Your Experience

At, we employ “cookies” to provide you with an enriched browsing experience, tailor your preferences, and optimize the usability of our website.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies, pixels, and similar technologies are small files or data that your computer or device stores when you visit a website. These allow the website to remember your preferences and actions (like login details, language, font size, and display choices) for a certain period. This saves you from repeatedly entering the same information when you return or navigate between pages.

Your Choices Matter

By using our website, you consent to cookies being stored on your computer or device. While you can explore our website without cookies, specific sections may function improperly or navigation could be slower.

If you want to prevent cookies from being stored, you can disable this option in your browser’s settings. Moreover, you can delete stored cookies through your browser’s settings at any time.

For detailed instructions on deactivating or deleting cookies, visit: Keep in mind that refusing cookies might affect our website’s functionality.

Cookie Categories

We use cookies for various purposes, each serving distinct functions. Cookies fall into categories like:

  • Technically necessary (essential for function)
  • Stored for a specific period (storage duration)
  • Placed by us or third parties (cookie provider)

Technical Necessity

Cookies are grouped into:

  • Necessary: We use specific cookies because they are crucial for proper website functionality and features. These cookies are automatically applied to your device upon accessing the website or specific functions, unless your browser rejects cookies.
  • Not Necessary: These cookies, while not essential, enhance convenience and optimize our website’s performance. They store preferences and help us tailor offerings based on usage frequency in specific website areas.

Duration of Data Storage

Cookies have varying lifespans:

  • Session Cookies: Essential only during your website visit, these “session cookies” are invalidated upon leaving the site or ending your session. They preserve specific data throughout your session.
  • Persistent Cookies: Some cookies persist for an extended period, recognizing you upon return. They grant access to saved settings, expediting access and negating the need for reset.
  • Flow Cookies: These assist internal server communication within our corporate group. They’re assigned a unique ID, but don’t reveal personal details.

Cookie Origins

Cookies are either:

  • Provider Cookies: Set by us or our website’s operator following our instruction.
  • Third-Party Cookies: Stored and used by external organizations or websites, like analytics tools and social plugins.

Using Cookies for Web Analytics

We utilize Google Analytics, a service by Google Inc., to analyze website usage. This involves cookies transmitting data, including a truncated IP address, to a Google server in the US. Google uses this data to analyze usage, compile reports, and offer related services. Google may share data with third parties as required by law or for processing purposes.

To disable Google Analytics, use this browser add-on: This stores an “opt-out” signal on your device, deactivating Google Analytics analysis. Note this applies only to the device and browser where activated; reactivate if you clear cookies.

Policy Updates

Our cookies policy may undergo changes, posted on this page.